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(Elyos: 50%, Asmodians: 50%)

Server time: 2:37:34 PM

Season left: 11 days


EuroAion is a perfect quality private European server of Aion!

100% working game platform fully matching the official game server of 4.6 version! No bugs, errors and defects - absolutely everything works properly!

The optimal location of the server (Germany) allows you to enjoy a great ping from any part of Europe.


1. To ensure full functionality of the game content.

2. To create the most smooth gameplay for all our users.

3. To protect honest players from unfair cheaters.

4. To provide prompt and complete technical support.

5. To ensure the stability of the game server 24/7.

6. To give you the opportunity to enjoy the game without any problems and unexpected situations.

And we will do all this, do not doubt!


Game seasons

With a new month starts a new season with new faces and new TOP players! Now everyone will have the opportunity to show themselves, to become the best, to get to the TOP players of the server and get rewards!

TOP players

Participate in various PVP events, collect points and get to the TOP players of the server. A new season with new ratings starts every month!

Rewards for the best players

At the end of each season, all the TOP PVP players on the server will receive useful gifts for their achievements! Prove your superiority!


100% working capacity

Skills, geodata, NPCs, dungeons and everything else that may be in the game work perfectly.

Game version is 4.6

It is one of the most balanced versions with locations of Katalams beloved by most of the players.

Server rates

Classic rates x1 for the sake of the balance built by the developers of the game.


The server is located in Germany, which allows to get a great ping from anywhere in Europe.

Server client

Support for the x64 version of the client allows to reach a higher performance and stability.

Game shop

Weapons, armor and jewelry giving any stats to the character are not sold in the shop.

Multi-language system

Play in your native language without any additional tweaks. Our client supports: Deutsch, Français, English, Español, Русский, Türk


Physical anti-DDoS protection on the side of the Data-center allows to maintain the performance of the server in the case of attacks from enemies.


Built-in anti-cheat system from the server + anti-cheat system on the side of the game client. Full protection from the third-party software and unscrupulous players.


Equipment and weapons

Equipment and weapons

Right away in your inventory

Get the full starting equipment and weapons immediately at the start of the game!

Sets of consumables

Sets of consumables

Right away in your inventory

A certain number of kinah, scrolls and potions for a successful start!

Bonuses for leveling up

Bonuses for leveling up

Take them in the game polls

Pleasant gifts in the form of amulets, candies, pets, mounts and other items.

Bonus for online

Bonuses for staying online

Drop into your inventory

Spend more time in the game and get useful transformation candies.


We are in social networks

Join our server communities in various social networks. And don’t forget to invite your friends!


Email : [email protected]

Forum PM : User TheAlmighty

Facebook : EuroAion

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